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The team will be exhibiting at TotalFacilities this week in Melbourne (Stand H14 in the SmartZone). Come by and learn how facilities managers can use better communications and automated assistants (or 'chatbots') to save time and money and delivery better, more responsive resident services. We'll also be showing off our new platform release.

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 feature in Elite Agent

Feature story on how chatbots can improve service quality in strata property from Thanks, guys!


Chatbots are coming to an apartment near you

Cassandra Charlesworth March 11, 2018

As anyone who has ever worked in strata management can appreciate, often inquiries and complaints relate to similar things – Can I book a facility? What day is bin day? And that good old strata living gem, how do I make a noise complaint?

A new service called sees chatbots taking on some of this repetitive grunt work, allowing residents to chat with their building, while enabling strata and property managers to better communicate with stakeholders. And the best thing is these virtual fonts of knowledge are available 24/7 to assist...

Read more: shortlisted for FM Magazine innovation award


We're thrilled to have been shortlisted for a Facilities Management magazine innovation award in the multi-residential category.  The shortlisting is a great acknowledgement of our work deploying intelligent automated assistants and multi-party comms with our partners Melbourne Building Management for Avenue Apartments in Melbourne.

The awards, designed to recognise and celebrate the most innovative and ground-breaking projects in facility management over the past year, have been judged by a panel of experts from the industry. The award categories cover the education, workspace, hospitality, healthcare and multi-residential sectors, as well as awarding an overall winner.

The winners will be announced on April 19th. will be exhibiting at Total Facilities on the April 18th and 19th. mentioned in the AFR mentioned in a recent wrap up of OC and resident friendly communications tools in the AFR (shout out to Jimmy Thomson). 


The tools that let you take strata decisions online

In big apartment blocks it makes sense to build community via social media. Here's how to get started.  

by Jimmy Thomson

When strata blocks were mostly two- or three-storey walk-ups, everybody was on the committee and communication was chats in the hallway and notes slipped under doors. In these days of mega-complexes of more than 300 units, that isn't going to happen.

As a result, meetings become more formal with individual owners not as involved with the daily running of their blocks.

In the meantime, though, we have all become hooked into some kind of social media or another. Clearly, there's an opportunity to exploit the new to bring us back to something approaching the old.

This surfaced in the Flat Chat Forum recently when an owner who had set up a website for his block was concerned about privacy issues and continuing management of the site.

These are two critical questions and if you are thinking of going down that road, you might be better off finding a commercial product that does the job for you and continues to service the strata scheme when you have moved on or lost interest.

Factor in the legislation in many states that allows owners to vote online, and this is clearly an area that can only grow.

What's on offer

For instance, is a self-management programme that will appeal to small schemes that don't have a strata manager or larger schemes that want more input into how their strata manager runs things.

As well as the nuts and bolts of levies, maintenance, meeting agendas and online voting, it also has noticeboards and forums where owners and committee members can discuss issues and ideas as they arise. There's a free component but the premium service costs about $1 per unit per month.

Strata Chat is a bot-based information service for your scheme, which also has chat rooms with different levels of access. It's free of charge.

Strata Vote provides a reliable and legal framework for online voting so that more owners can be more involved in the decision-making without having to turn up at meetings. It charges on the size and frequency of votes taken.

There are many other options, although most of the biggies have developed from strata management software and often aren't all that user-friendly for your average amateur strata committee member.

And then there are in-house websites and Facebook pages. These are fine, as long as someone competent is looking after them for a sustained period.

But they would be hard-pressed to have a rock-solid online voting component. And the inevitable sound and fury of owners arguing over issues that quickly get personal can see them shut themselves down for fear of legal action.

The future of strata communication is definitely online. Just make sure your old-school committee doesn't saddle you with a system that doesn't work, doesn't fit and – most importantly – doesn't get used by residents.

Jimmy Thomson edits the apartment living advice website Stratabox is a sponsor of Flat Chat. Different states have different strata laws.

AFR Contributor

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Chatbot landscape 2018

Quick end of year chatbot roundup from Chatbotlife...

Key takeaways...

Analyst firm Forrester describes “…chatbot growth as crazy. Bots are easier to develop than apps, and they’re a way to reach consumers where they spend the majority of their time.” The other big IT analyst firm Gartner says that 55% of companies will have a chatbot in operation by the year 2020, with bots operating as a key part of business and at home for families...


The push to AI and NLP

While script-base bots will be more than satisfactory for many use cases, Business leaders are already looking at artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help drive the next generation of bots. Flexibility and context will be king as chatbots aim to fit alongside the likes of Alexa and Siri.

AI will help with issues like eliminating human bias from interactions, while natural language processing can widen the topic of conversation and the number of valid responses. Between them, these can improve business performance for internal-facing bots, and improve the customer experience for clients or site visitors.

These features and growth drivers like multilingual interfaces, multi-channel capabilities will help chatbots become more capable and universal. That’s the high-level view, but for any company developing a chatbot, they will want the bot, whatever its technical origins, to become more useful, to be able to answer a wider range of specific questions and provide more information to users.

Read the entire piece here.

We'll be adding basic Natural Language support over 2018, and our next release includes auto-translations for real-time chat channels as standard.

We look forward to working with leading Australian Strata & Facilities Managers in 2018 to bring intelligent automated assistants to strata properties.

Have a great holiday break! 🙂 in WA


It was great to present to the WA SCA event in November and brilliant to meet some great WA strata managers and software providers.

Talk of the crowd was about the increasing resident and committee service level expectations combined with pressure on base strata management fees. Given this, there was great interest in the potential for service automation to both increase service levels and save strata manager time dealing with high frequency, low-value information requests.

You can view our keynote presentation, The Age of Automation - Opportunities for strata management here.


McKinsey and Co on smart home bots

McKinsey & Co.  write about  the coming emergence of increasing intelligent smart home bots. 

McKinsey & Co. write about the coming emergence of increasing intelligent smart home bots. already uses basic chat-bots to perform a range of useful tasks, from supporting on-boarding of residents into the service, reporting and managing property issues, as well as helping residents access useful content and services.

This feature is a great intro on where these intelligent property bots can go.