About Strata.chat

Strata.chat is an automated digital assistant (or chatbot) platform for property that helps residents and building teams complete tasks and stay connected.

Strata.chat complements existing resident channels and portals, adding smart, always-on digital assistants for residents and key building stakeholders such as facilities managers, strata managers and Owners Corporations.

Strata.chat is fully hosted and can be set-up and provisioned in a few hours.

Building team members manage the service using simple chat commands and our support team is available to assist building managers and residents as required.

Strata.chat can also interface with existing property portals and facilities management software as required. 


✓ Real time communications

Enable residents, building teams and key property stakeholders to stay connected 24/7. 

✓ Easy building announcements

Real time, targeted building management announcements and alerts, with instant auto-translation in 31 languages (including Chinese). Support for emergency resident SMS notifications.

✓ Move-in support

Automated assistants help incoming residents with move-in bookings, information access, utilities assistance and more.

✓ Facility bookings

Automated assistants make it easy for residents to book public amenities and understand rules and procedures.

✓ Issue reporting & workflow

Automate and improve issue management via always-on chat-bots that help residents report problems to the right stakeholder and access helpful information.

Issue management workflow tools are also available if required.

✓ Guided purchase support

Help residents understand available product and service options and help them select and buy key products including utilities, Internet, contents insurance, home services and more.

✓ Smart, automated concierge

Provide residents with their own personalised, always-on digital concierge to access useful information, get help with maintenance problems & other issues, and access building services.

Secure, in-building communities

Customisable, moderated in-building public and private communities based around common interests and collaboration tasks.

✓ Single source of truth

Easy to access resident contact information enables building managers to send instant notifications or find the right property stakeholder.

✓ Mobile apps

iOS and Android mobile applications with native push notification support.

✓ Fast, easy set-up

No set-up costs, fast and easy to get started with document and content hosting as required.

Modify and update property content and services anytime, including custom community channels.


Ask for a demo 

Strata.chat has been specifically designed for medium to large strata properties and is now the primary comms platform across a range of properties in Melbourne and Sydney.

With strong resident uptake and building team usage, Strata.chat is improving building communications, saving time, and increasing service quality.

If you are a building or facilities manager, strata manager, developer or Owners Corporation committee member we'd love to show you what Strata.chat can do.