Community Channel Guidelines


Community Guidelines Dos and Don'ts

Public channels inside are places where everyone should feel welcome, so please keep these guidelines in mind when you are posting to a channel or interacting with other members.

Remember, if you post any inappropriate content, it may be deleted at any time. For the full details of our rules and policies, please see our Terms of Service.

1. Stay on topic.

Each public channel is based around a specific topic. Make sure your posts are on topic.

2. Do Be Respectful.

Arguments can happen anywhere a group gathers, but don't pick fights with other members. Try to remember that disagreements can be a learning experience for everyone involved. If you're angry at something someone else posted, take a few deep breaths and remember that you're all part of a building community.

3. Do Be Careful With Your Personal Information.

Any information you post to public channels will be visible to other channel visitors. While is a closed service, It's always a good idea to refrain from posting personally identifiable information, so please don't post your phone number or similar information unless you want everyone inside the building to be able to see this. Remember that any comments you post in public channels can potentially be seen by anyone in the building.

4. Do Report Inappropriate Posts.

If you see a comment anywhere in the channel that you think may break the rules, contact the channel moderator and they will check it out. Every channel has a dedicated moderator (either the Building Admin or another resident who has been assigned the moderator role).

5. Don't YELL.

On the internet, WRITING IN ALL CAPS is considered yelling. Nobody likes to be yelled at, so please make sure your caps lock is off when posting your comments.

6. Don't Swear.

If you do, your comment will be replaced with "****".

7. Don't Upload Inappropriate Photos.

They'll be deleted. Also - see #1 (Stay on topic).

8. Don't Spam.

Of course you know of an excellent product or website, but public channels are not the place to advertise it. Please keep your comments relevant and related to the conversation.

For channel moderators

Moderators can mute or kick channel members out if they don't abide by the above guidelines.  How you do this is up to you, but here are some simple tips;

  • If you believe the member has broken the community guidelines, direct message them to remind them of the guidelines and request they self-edit their post.

  • If this is not done;

    • The moderator may delete their post

    • The moderator may mute them from posting again for a period of time

    • The moderator may kick them out of the channel indefinitely or for a period of time

    • User will have to contact the Moderator or Support to request re-admission to the channel

    • Repeated offences may result in the user being permanently removed from entirely (as per our Terms of Service).

If you need any help or have any suggestions regarding these guidelines, message us @Support, or send an email to