Getting Started as a Channel Owner

The Channel Owner role in has some special rights and jobs to do, including:

  • Publicising the existence of your public channel, or inviting new members into private channels
  • Stimulating activity and conversation in your channel
  • Moderating content in your channel
  • Muting or Removing members from your channel when appropriate

If you're having problems, message @support anytime inside, send us an email ( or talk to us via the Live chat panel below (during business hours) .


Creating your new channel

If you want help to create a new channel, just send a request to @support from inside

You can create your own channel by clicking on the "+" icon beside the "Channels" header in the left-hand navigation bar. When you create a channel yourself, you'll automatically be its owner.

Channel names must be lowercase, and have no spaces. You can use underscores or dashes in the channel name if you need to, like this:

  • #book_club
  • #book-club

A Private Group is a channel that is visible and accessible only to invited users. If you check the Private Group tick box, you will need to specifically invite new members to the channel

A Read Only Channel is a one-way channel where only Owners can post messages

You can Select Users who you want to invite into your new channel by typing in the first few letters in their usernames. They'll be added as members to the channel when its created. Don't worry, you can also add users later

Click the Create button to create your new channel


Inviting new users to your channel

Channels need users and activity to make them valuable. If your new channel is Public , then new users can find it themselves by clicking on the "More channels..." link at bottom of the Channels panel in the left-hand navigation bar. See the Quick Guide for more information on how to find and join public channels.

A good way to make other users aware that your new Public channel exists, is to post a message into the public #lobby channel where everyone can see the message. It helps other users find your new channel if you include the channel name in your message like "#pets" or "#book_club". will render this as a link to your new channel.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 1.27.05 pm.png

If your new channel is Private, or if you'd like to directly add new users to your Public channel, you can add new members by clicking the "members" icon in the right-hand flex-tab bar

Add the name(s) of the new users you'd like to invite, and click Return.


Getting the conversation started 

As the channel Owner, its your role to act as an icebreaker and stimulate activity and conversation in your channel. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.07.38 pm.png

There are no hard and fast rules for this, but our Community Channel Guidelines are a good primer to help establish basic rules for good behaviour in your new channel.

We've found its helpful to have a welcome message as the very first post in your new channel that briefly explains the purpose for the channel and provides a link to the guidelines.


Moderating your channel

Channel owners have moderation privileges for the content posted into their channel. Channel owners cans also delegate moderation privileges to others users in the channel.

By default, has a profanity detection feature enabled where offensive language will be asterisked out like this ******. 

Channel moderators can edit or delete any messages posted to their channel.

Click the "cog" icon beside any message to see the pop-up menu. Edit the message by clicking the "pencil" icon, or delete the message by clicking the "trashcan" icon.

On mobile, you can access the popup menu by long-clicking on the message

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.15.16 pm.png

Muting or Removing members from your channel

Channel owners can mute and remove members from their channels.

  • Muting means that the user can still access the channel and read the content, but will be prevented from posting new messages to the channel.
  • Removal means that the user can no longer access the channel, and must either rejoin (if its a public channel) or be reinvited (if its a public channel)
Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.32.24 pm.png

To mute or remove a user in your channel, Click on the "members" icon in the right-hand flex-tab menu, and click the username of the person you want to mute or remove. (Note that you may need to click the "show all" link to see all the users in the channel - the default initial view is to display only users who are currently logged in.)

Click "Mute User" to mute

Click "Remove from Room" to remove the user