Getting Started as @Admin

The @building.admin user role in is designed for on-site building and facilities managers.

Admins have special access rights and jobs to do, and are a point of escalation in our chatbots if residents need additional help.

@building.admin roles can perform a range of additional tasks including:

  • Approving resident access requests
  • Creating and posting targeted building announcements
  • Looking up resident details to contact specific users and send parcel notifications
  • Requesting a summary of all active users
  • Receiving and actioning maintenance and other resident issue reports

Follows is a quick guide to performing these tasks. If you're having problems, message us via @support anytime, or send us an email (


Getting around for Admins is a multi-party messaging and automated assistant platform for large residential properties. is message (or chat) based, which means you simply message residents and our concierge automated assistant to communicate and get things done. features direct messaging (talking to @user.names), optional public channels where residents can talk to each other (# channel-name), and invite-only private channels (🔒channel-name).

Just click the person or channel you want to talk to and chat! also features @concierge, a custom automated assistant (or 'chatbot') that residents and @building.admins can talk to to get information and perform useful tasks. desktop layout:


Concierge for @building.admins

The primary automated assistant for @building.admins is the same as residents - talking to @concierge.  


Special Admin Concierge commands

Concierge responds to the same commands as residents (see the resident quick guide), but also responds to a number of additional commands including:

  • announce - creates a new building announcement
  • show [apartment number] - looks up all users in a specific apartment
  • show [] - looks up a specific user
  • show pending - displays new service access requests that need admin approval
  • show all - prepares a downloadable file and generates a time limited .csv download link with information for all current active users 

These commands are only accessible for @building.admins.


Building Admin channels

There are also some private channels where building teams can talk to other building team members and view incoming problem reports:

  • 🔒management for private group chats with other building team members
  • 🔒reports where maintenance and other resident problems reported to concierge are posted (some instances may have access to additional report workflow tools here)


1. Create and post a building announcement

Building announcements are direct messages to all residents.

  • Admins create, preview and post announcements by saying 'announce' to @concierge  
  • Announcements are received by residents via @concierge
  • If residents are online they will receive a desktop or mobile app push alert
  • If they are offline and do not have the mobile app they will receive an email notification
  • Announcements can be targeted to everyone, online users only, renters only and owners only
  • If a lot schema has been provided, messages can also be targeted by level or specific building in a multi-stage property
  • SMS broadcasts are also available as a post-paid premium feature (see below)


To create a new announcement, simply say 'announce' to @concierge and follow the prompts...

If you want to post a document or image with your announcement, just click the '+' icon on the right to attach a document or image. 


Choose where to send your announcement...

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 2.21.15 pm.png
  • all sends the announcement as a direct message to all registered users. If users are not currently online they will receive an email and/or mobile push alert if they have the mobile app
  • online sends the message to all users online (includes native mobile app users) - this is useful for time sensitive announcements (e.g. free cookies in the lobby now)
  • renters posts the message to users who have been approved as renters
  • owners posts the message to users who have been approved as owners
  • If a building schema has been supplied, further options may also be available (level, building/stage etc)
  • An SMS broadcast option is also available as a premium post-paid service (see below)

Concierge will then show you a preview of your message. Click confirm to send, or cancel...

Untitled 2.png

Click 'confirm' to send your announcement and concierge will confirm the number of recipients who received your announcement.  

Residents can use the message auto-translation feature to view the announcement in their preferred language.

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2. View and approve resident access requests

Resident access to must be approved buy the @building.admin role (other users who can verify residents can also be given this privilege on request - an Owners Corp committee member, for example).

@concierge will notify @building.admin's each time a new resident access request is received...

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 4.24.42 pm.png

If the user is known, just type the approval text (e.g. 'approve').

If you need further information from the user, you can click their to start a chat with them, or click their mobile number to call them.

On approval the resident will be granted full access to, @concierge and all default public rooms.


Show pending

To view all outstanding access requests (if any), simply say 'show pending' to @concierge. A list of all pending requests will be returned...


To approve each pending requests, just click the green approval button (or type the approval text).

3. Look up resident details (show commands)

Resident lookups is a popular feature that enables @building.admins to quickly lookup resident details by apartment number or, and send parcel notifications with a single click. Only @building.admin roles can use show commands.

To look up a resident in a specific lot, just say "show [apartment number]" to @concierge...


You can also lookup by Just say "show" to @concierge...


To send a specific user a parcel notification, just click the green hot key button.

To start a chat with them, just click their, or click their email or phone number to email or call them. 


Show all

Show all returns a link to a downloadable .csv file of all current active users and associated contact information.

Only @building.admins can use this feature and links are valid for 15 minutes only.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 3.02.11 pm.png

4. Viewing and managing maintenance and other reports

When a resident submits an issue report it will post this to the private Reports channel and alert the building.admin. Building.admins can decide how to action and respond to these reports. 

After submitting the problem report, @concierge can also display custom response information to assist the resident depending on whether the problem is located in a common or private area, and for different common problem types (parking, noise, smoking, pets etc). In-lot/private area responses for tenants will direct them to their property manager.

New reports will show as new messages to the Reports channel...


Admins can view issue reports and action as they deem fit.

New maintenance.png

Admins can also view and manage all current and in-process issue reports inside our building report workflow tool (if available).

Click 'Workflow' to go to your board...

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.58.36 pm.png

Admins can then view and manage all outstanding maintenance and issue reports, with notes as appropriate.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 1.07.16 pm.png

5. Autotranslation can translate specific messages, or can auto-translate all incoming messages for a specific channel. This allows building.admins to have real time chats with residents in their preferred language.

To translate a non-English language inbound message, simply mouse over the message and click the message options panel: 

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.19.55 am.png

Select Toggle original/translated (this will translate it to your default language)

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.20.02 am.png

The message will be translated (translated messages are denoted by the translate symbol above each message).

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.20.08 am.png

You can set all future incoming messages to be auto-translated by selecting Auto-Translate from the channel options. Set Automatic Translation to On to automatically translate all future incoming messages in a channel.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.11.16 am.png

6. Optional premium features will soon support a number of premium pre- and post-paid features including...

SMS broadcasts - sends an SMS to all known active resident mobile phone accounts for important and urgent announcements (post-paid per use)

Resolution voting - enables building and strata manager roles to create an OC resolution which the @concierge automated assistant will put to owners and committee members for their vote. The bot requests and manages user responses until the resolution has been carried or rejected and reports back to the resolution manager. 

Facilities bookings - enables residents to book one or more building facilities with simple guided conversations and resource calendars. Sends daily reminders and booking alerts to the building manager via calendars. Can be configured to manage bond payments also.

Custom building web portal - bespoke building portal that integrates all the functionality of in a high quality bespoke web portal combined with high quality strata lifestyle content and features. 

For more information on these features (and to request new ones) contact us.